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Welcome to Indian Lawyers Association (ILA), we are glad you decided to drop by!

ILA was founded in 2018 and is a voluntary organization for the legal professionals of India. Our vision is to shape the future of the legal profession throughout India and we aim to support the legal fraternity by offering access to practical resources for legal professionals, help improve the administration of justice, aid in establishing ethical codes, and developing a pan-India professional network to promote business opportunities.

Membership is open to lawyers, judges, professors, law students, and others interested in the law and the legal profession. To know more about membership benefits and how to become a member 

We are an organization comprising of professionals from all walks of the legal fraternity. Membership is open to judges, lawyers, professors, law students and others interested in the legal profession. Our objective has been to shape the future of the legal profession throughout the country.

As an essential ally and advocate for the members of the legal profession, we are committed to provide opportunities for quality professional development and to support the enhancement of equality in the legal profession. We aim to promote the delivery of justice, facilitate effective law reforms, and advance the rule of law throughout India. We believe that justice should not merely exist, but it should also be accessible.

We offer access to practical resources for legal professionals to help improve the administration of justice, establish ethical codes, and develop a professional network. Since our conception, we have worked to promote an exchange of information between the ever-increasing number of ILA Chapters nationwide.

Growth of ILA has been spurred by the tremendous development of the Indian economy and it’s impact on the legal profession. This has caught the attention of companies and businesses worldwide as they shift their focus on investments in the Indian economy, which in turn creates opportunities for our legal fraternity to provide expert legal assistance for cross border transitions. ILA helps lawyers to keep abreast of business and legal developments in the Indian ecosystem as well as any global implications that affect their clients. More importantly, ILA offers a platform for legal professionals to network with others in similar fields of practice.

Every ILA Chapter holds a monthly meeting on the third Thursday of every month in their respective cities. These monthly meetings are an opportunity for local members to meet and discuss ideas and thoughts or listen to guest speakers talk about recent developments in their field. These meetings aim to provide an opportunity for ILA members to better acquaint themselves with the Indian legal system and its fast-paced modifications. 

We also organize an Annual General Meeting and Conference which provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to discuss legal, business and policy issues affecting India and cross-border business involving India. This fosters collegiality and development of relationships to enhance the legal practice through professional networking and discussions. These annual meetings and conferences are held in different jurisdictions on a rotational basis