The lawyer members of ILA live by the following shared values and beliefs:


  1. Taking care of their clients is the first duty.
  2.  Honesty and integrity before anything else. ILA members maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, and encourage other lawyers to do the same.
  3.  Honest and transparent billing and charges to clients, with fee agreements in writing.
  4.  Act pleasant and dignified, and refrain from all illegal and morally reprehensible conduct.
  5.  Be respectful to judges, the courts, opposing counsel, and opposing parties. Every person should be treated with respect and dignity.
  6.  Doing everything possible to resolve current matters that are stuck in court for years and reducing the backlog of 27 million cases. ILA members are treating this as an emergency and committed to resolving all 27 million pending cases by 2022.
  7.  Settling legal disputes as much as possible by using alternative dispute resolution methods before seeking the intervention of courts and clogging the Indian court system even more.
  8.  Dedicating their life to learning and uplifting the profession of law.
  9.  Committing to a life of giving and sharing. To whom much is given much is expected in return.
  10.  Rendering required legal services to those who cannot afford to pay.