Membership Benefits

  • Wide-spread Presence – ILA has its presence in around 100 cities across India. ILA aims to work towards strengthening professional network amongst 1.3 million lawyers in India.
  • Networking Events – The ILA Chapters hold a monthly meeting third Thursday of every month at 6 PM in their respective cities. These monthly meetings are an opportunity for local members to meet up and discuss ideas and thoughts and listen to guest speakers. Such meetings afford ILA members the opportunity to become acquainted with the Indian legal systems, lawyers and key leaders in the country. The ILA organizes an Annual General Meeting and Conference which provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to discuss legal, business and policy issues affecting India and cross-border business involving India, in a manner that fosters collegiality and development of relationships to enhance the legal practice through professional networking. These annual meetings and conferences are held in different jurisdictions.
  • Professional Development – The local chapters of ILA provide many continuing education opportunities. They do monthly, quarterly, and annual seminars providing learning in every area of law. Experienced lawyers, judges, motivational speakers, and guest speakers speak on a variety of topics related to every aspect of business.
  • Mentorship – The younger members of the profession are huge fans of ILA because it is the only place in their city where they can rub shoulders with senior members of their profession. At ILA they can find mentors, get suggestions, learn from others who have blazed the trail before them, and find full time work or temporary assignments. They can find others to start their practice with. They can find motivation, and secrets of the trade. ILA will work with the universities and law schools to coordinate mentoring of students. ILA will also work with law schools and help their students find internships. ILA also welcomes interns and young lawyers to participate in ILA on a volunteer basis.
  • Membership Directory listings – ILA website will list the credentials of its members in the Membership Directory section of the website. This will promote contact details of the members and enable them to build their business.

Members Shared Values & Beliefs

  • Taking care of their clients is the first duty.
  •  Honesty and integrity before anything else. ILA members maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, and encourage other lawyers to do the same.
  •  Honest and transparent billing and charges to clients, with fee agreements in writing.
  •  Act pleasant and dignified, and refrain from all illegal and morally reprehensible conduct.
  •  Be respectful to judges, the courts, opposing counsel, and opposing parties. Every person should be treated with respect and dignity.
  •  Doing everything possible to resolve current matters that are stuck in court for years and reducing the backlog of 27 million cases. ILA members are treating this as an emergency and committed to resolving all 27 million pending cases by 2022.
  •  Settling legal disputes as much as possible by using alternative dispute resolution methods before seeking the intervention of courts and clogging the Indian court system even more.
  •  Dedicating their life to learning and uplifting the profession of law.
  •  Committing to a life of giving and sharing. To whom much is given much is expected in return.
  •  Rendering required legal services to those who cannot afford to pay.

 Rs. 200/- annual individual membership fee

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