Aims and Objectives

  • Goal I:  Serve Our Members. 
    1. Provide benefits, programs and services which promote members’ professional growth and increase focus on achieving a work-life balance.
    2. Provide mentorship and support for our regional chapters with special focus on the junior lawyers, law students and professionals looking to change their field of practice.
    3. Provide a platform for networking opportunities for law students and lawyers.


    Goal II: Improve Our Profession. 

    1. Promote higher quality standards for legal education.
    2. Promote competence, ethical conduct and professionalism.
    3. Promote pro bono and public service by the legal profession.
    4. Raise and maintain the reputation of legal services available across the country


    Goal III: Eliminate Bias and Enhance Diversity. 

    1. Promote full and equal participation in the association, our profession, and the justice system by all persons.
    2. Eliminate bias in the legal profession and the justice system.


    Goal IV:  Advance the Rule of Law.  

    1. Increase public understanding of, and respect for, the rule of law, the legal process, and the role of the legal profession in India and throughout the world.
    2. Increase government accountability under the law.
    3. Work for just laws, promote awareness about human rights and a fair legal process.
    4. Increase accessibility to laws and provide simple interpretations and explanations for better understanding of the laws.
    5. Provide access to a network of pro bono services.